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MIAP Thesis Presentations, April 14-16, 2010


Tisch School of the Arts/Dept. of Cinema Studies, 721 Broadway, 6th Floor

Moving Image Archiving and Preservation students present their thesis projects, which consider a wide range of preservation issues, such as the aesthetic/ethical considerations of preserving experimental film works, the development of new strategies for  preserving file-based video work and its metadata throughout its life  cycle, and the political/ethical pitfalls associated with  international initiatives that help digitize the audiovisual heritage of post-colonial African countries, to name only a few. 

Wednesday, April 14th

     9:30am / Siobhan Hagan (rm. 648)

Chesapeake Baywatch! Life Guarding Regional Television Airwaves, Featuring the WJZ-TV Collection at the University of Baltimore

     5:00pm / Stefan Elnabli (rm. 648)

Lowbrow Longevity: An Examination of Commercial Video Distribution’s Unique Role in the Preservation of Independent Exploitation Horror Film

    7:30pm / Andy Uhrich (rm. 648)

“…maybe the horse will learn to sing!”: Preserving the Computer Files of Hollis Frampton and the Digital Arts Lab

Thursday, April 15th

    9:30am / Jennifer Blaylock (rm. 648)

 Reproducing History: Colonial Discourses & Digital Silences in African Audiovisual Archives

    5:00pm / Joseph Gallucci (rm. 674)

 Reading Jeremy Blake: Issues of Access and Preservation to Born-Digital Artists' Archives in a Multi-Institutional Context

Friday, April 16th

    9:30am / Walter Forsberg (rm. 648)

Averting the Lost Highway: Archival Advocacy and Migration Strategies for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's 1-inch Type C Videotape Materials

    12:30pm / Sandra Gibson (rm. 648)

A Case Study:  Internal System by Coleen Fitzgibbon

    3:00pm / Jonah Volk (rm. 648)

A Producer's Guide to Preserving File-Based Digital Video