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2011 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage


an evening of moving images and sound from archival collections in New York City 

Thursday, October 27th, 7pm

The Museum of Modern Art

Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 2


Keynote Speaker: George Stoney


Through moving images and sound the other, hidden and stifled, gains a face and a voice. In search of its identity and memory, the fragmented sees and hears itself to face trauma and to heal. The ones at the periphery becomes a part of the narrative, acknowledged and involved. This year as we celebrate the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we turn our attention to the margins as we seek and bear witness to pain, happiness, suffering and success long unseen, unheard, or simply forgotten. We face the other, the fragmented, the outcast and the lost. We celebrate the diversity of images and sound that gives them a face and a voice, and acknowledge the work of those who preserve them. From the gorgeous 1930s pre-exile footage of Tibet and its people to the early cable coverage of the LGBT community and the AIDS crisis in Manhattan, we bring together audiovisual materials from different institutions and archives in New York City. The program is composed of short narratives, documentaries, ethnographic footage, animated works, television shows, news clips and audio recordings dating from the 1930s until the present. This is to acknowledge the power of moving images and sound to transcend language and cultural boundaries while embracing and celebrating diversity - a diversity of faces and voices that urgently needs to be gathered and preserved for us to witness and remember.

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